Thursday, May 24, 2012


I made this for you. Well, not really I made this for me, "what is it?" you ask why, it's a monoggle, 
a monocle-goggle  

                                                       made it out of an old shoe, a bit of string, and some odds and ends.

Once again I find that I've not posted anything in a ent's age. so here goes with a little story.
    Soooo, last week at our bible-study,  we were talking about the fruits of the spirit, and one of the three 5-year old kids started belting off the fruits at a rapid pace. Dad stopped him(the triplet, did I mention their triplets?) and told him to let others have a try, after a while, we let him go again, and he started to take a BIG breath, ready to belt off a couple more, and then he let it go, and said, "self control."
I love this kid.
Also, this post is only 4 sentences long, yeah I like commas...