Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Today, I spent most of my time on minecraft, grinding XP so I could enchant some diamond picks. I need good picks because I'm running low on coal and Iron, and I want to go spelunking. I have concluded that I need a new way of getting XP. Currently I have a falling trap set up for a zombie spawner, this is not very fast, nor is it efficient. I'm planning to build a XP farm in the nether around a blaze spawner(which i'll probably work on this tomorrow) But I digress, all the time spent grinding XP was pretty much wasted, because all the enchantments I got are not the best ones I could have gotten....
   In the time that I didn't spend messing with XP, I built a bridge!  I also put down an outline for a    tower on the other side of the bridge,           
which I guess I will not be getting to that some other day. Bye.

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