Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chimney Sweeps and Bees

In a world of steam and smog, wouldn't you expect to see a lot of chimney sweeps?

Just imagine one of these on every street-corner, just pop in a nickel and it will follow you home and clean your chimney! Also imagine  the angry humans who were previously employed as chimney sweeps. And while I'm on the subject of humans disgruntled about the new steam tech, think of the bee keepers, All of those coal-fires must give off a bunch of smoke which would make bees drowsy and inefficient! Boy would they be unhappy. Some might try things like this...
              But however cool it looks, it wouldn't work, seeing as how bees and other insects 'breath' through their skin. After brief experiments with tiny hazmat-suits, beekeepers in general would turn into anti-technology anarchistic terrorists, yay!

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